Wedding ceremony

Make your Ceremony a dream, I'll make it come true.

You chose the secular ceremony to celebrate your love? Then you've come to the right place!
I am Anne-Sophie and I propose to create THE ceremony of your dreams, unique, in your image and entirely personalized!
A true "top of the range" ceremony celebrated with passion and freshness that will leave you with an unforgettable memory...
Are you ready to get started?

I attach great importance to the preparation of your ceremony.
It is during this long period that we will get to know each other, and that we will gradually define the highlights of your ceremony.
But it is also an opportunity for you to go back in time and remember...
The first times, the good times, the delirium, the big steps, in short, everything that led you to say YES!
It is with the help of my little boxes that I wish to offer you beautiful moments of exchange and sharing.
They will be sent to you at home and will guide you in a playful way throughout the preparation phase.
I won't tell you more... I'll let you discover them!


Your secular ceremony will be unique!
Each ceremony is thought, dreamed and written for a single couple.
It will reflect your personalities, your history, your desires, your emotions...
I will adapt to your wishes, your requirements and your world with kindness.
You will discover the ceremony on the D-day, at the same time as your guests.
It's a great surprise that you will enjoy!


The secular ceremony is a real moment of sharing!
Your witnesses and your loved ones can become actors in your union and no longer mere spectators. It is the moment for each of you to show you their love and affection.
Stay Zen! I will be there to accompany them in the creation of their interventions. I will give them all the necessary information so that they can create the speech that will make you laugh or cry...


Your wedding ceremony is for me the key moment of your marriage!
It is the moment that will remain in your memories and those of your loved ones. This ceremony will allow you to express yourself freely and in your own way about your feelings, your love, your ideals. This may be for you the ideal moment to declare to your half and to all, what you feel. Funny, moving words: let your heart speak!


As a true wedding professional, the organization of your ceremony is my priority.
Every moment is meticulously prepared. The course of your ceremony will be perfectly orchestrated.
We will meet as many times as necessary in order to prepare this moment as well as possible, each appointment allowing us to validate a stage!
I will be there to answer all your questions, accompany you and advise you in all your choices.