Anne-Sophie AMSELLEM
Wedding ceremony celebrant

In 2012, I said YES to the man of my life!
The beginning of my life as a wedding celebrant...

We are a mixed couple, each from a different culture, and we thought we would have to settle for a civil ceremony?
Then you can imagine my despair as a bride-to-be by imagining that my day would only come down to such a quick and impersonal ceremony.
That's how I discovered the wedding ceremony and I guarantee you that it was one of the strongest moments of my life!

While preparing my own weddingceremony, I kept imagining myself celebrating my own wedding ceremony, the role of celebrant attracted me enormously.
I thought it was fabulous to be able to unite two lovers, celebrate their love and bring them so much happiness on such a special day.
It was like an obvious choice, I was made for this job!
I am passionate about the other, about human relationships, I love to write, create and give a smile to the people I love.

The wedding ceremony imposed itself on me and becoming a celebrant was an obvious choice.

  • I am the mother of two wonderful babies, Lenny (5 years old) and Camélia (2 years old).

  • I celebrate wedding ceremonies in English, Spanish and Portuguese!

  • I love to travel and I travel all over the world to celebrate your wedding ceremony.

  • I'm turning 32 this year!

  • I live in Cassis, a small village 20 km from Marseille.

Anne-Sophie, wedding celebrant

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As a store manager, I left everything to live my dream!
And the result is beyond my expectations...
MyCeremonie is preparing its eighth season and more than 200 couples have already trusted me, I am a happy officiant!
I have lived moments of rare intensity, I have made wonderful encounters and I strive every day to make the wedding ceremony an unforgettable moment for each couple.

Each of my wedding ceremonies were different, each one in the image of the bride and groom and each one was composed of original, funny or moving moments.
I take the time to discover each couple, to know them, to understand them in order to create a tailor-made ceremony for them.
My most beautiful reward is to be taken for a friend of the couple, who knows them by heart and who speaks about them with tenderness and kindness.

MyCeremony will always remain one of the most beautiful adventures of my life!