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After the ceremony, we remember, we let our hearts speak and we receive feedback from our bride and groom!!
For us, a secular ceremony was the most important moment of our union day. Anne-Sophie succeeded in making this moment a real sharing event between our two families.  It was a whirlwind of emotion that touched each of our guests to the heart.Anne-sophie is a very professional officiant who will do everything to ensure that your ceremony suits you in every way. We highly recommend his services, which will make your secular ceremony a moment that will remain engraved in your memories and those of your guests!
Thanks to MyCeremonie thanks to whom we had the ceremony of our dreams. A attentive team, a personalized ceremony in our image: beautiful, funny and moving at the same time! It is undoubtedly thanks to our secular ceremony that our marriage was so successful and our loved ones so won over… A big thank you!
Despite the distance, we were able to create a bond of trust with Anne Sophie His way of approaching the preparations for this sumptuous ceremony reassured and won us over. You managed to create a timeless moment, everyone was won over and moved. We couldn’t have dreamed of a better way to celebrate our love. So thank you for all this kindness and this love brought to each word which still resonates today.
Dear Katia, If someone had told us that we were going to experience such a moment, we would not have believed it, because it is true that even after more or less 40 hours of our ceremony we still cannot find words to say about what We lived. If in fact – there is a text already written which describes everything we feel, it is that of Guillaume Canet in the film “Jeu d’enfant” in which he plays with Marion Cotillard: “Happiness in its pure, raw, native, volcanic state, what a joy!  It was better than anything, better than drugs, better than heroin, better than dope, coke, crack, fitj, joint, shit, shoot, sniff, fart, ganja, marie-jeanne, cannabis, weed, peyote, blotter, acid, LSD, ecstasy. Better than sex, better than fellatio, sixty-nine, orgy, masturbation, tantrism, kama-sutra, Thai wheelbarrow. Better than Nutella with peanut butter and banana milkshake.  Better than all the George Lucas trilogies, the complete muppet show, the end of 2001. Better than Emma Peel’s swaying hips, Marilyn, Smurfette, Lara Croft, Naomi Campbell and Cindy Crawford’s mole. Better than the B side of Abbey Road, Hendrix’s CDs, than Neil Armstrong’s little step on the moon. Space Mountain, Santa’s round, Bill Gates’ fortune, the trances of the Dalai Lama, the NDE, the resurrection of Lazarus, all of Schwarzy’s testosterone shots, the collagen in Pamela Anderson’s lips. Better than Woodstock and the most orgasmic rave parties.  Better than the high of Sade, Rimbaud, Morisson and Castaneda.  Better than freedom.  Better than life…” Better than life… You transported us Katia, into another world created from scratch, we flew very, very high with all our loved ones.  Thank you for giving us one of the most beautiful moments of our lives! Our tears, the faces of our loved ones with their eyes shining with emotion will remain forever engraved in our memories. We had this pleasant feeling of living a great moment in our history while having this very warm side comfortably sitting on our sofa and witnessing the verbalization of the feelings of those closest to us. How beautiful it is to say things to each other and to be so well accompanied. You were an incredible ear and shoulder during our preparation and a breathtaking conductor, juggling between everyone’s words and statements while weaving a palpable thread of emotion. Some of our guests told us that they had never seen or experienced this and were deeply touched by this moment of sharing.  Humanity is beautiful, and this unity of our families and friends has given us wings. You know that both of us have no particular faiths and we don’t worship, but somewhere you create one, that of love, of saying things to each other, of being united and transmitting an emotion in the eye. We will keep this cult in mind all our lives and it will become our own little religion: faith in deep love. Thank you Katia from the bottom of my heart, everything was more than perfect, and our expectations even our dreams were exceeded, we think that if we had been asked to tell and describe our perfect ceremony, we would have been even a notch below this that we experienced!!! Vincent + Virginie Virginie and Vincent, May 24, 2018
Our wedding would not have been as magical without this Ceremony!! It was perfect, the children, teenagers, young adults and older adults loved it, some thought they were in a film, others were captivated by your voice, your words, still others continue to tell us that it was a great wedding with this Ceremony. We don’t even talk about it, we were overwhelmed. So thank you for all that and thank you for your advice regarding the service providers who all delighted us. Thank you for your wishes and yes I hope we will have the opportunity to see each other again!!Friends who are already married would like to remarry with you as officiant, others dream of a wedding like that for their children 😂 In short, you made them all dream!!

Anne Sophie and Sydney (her pianist) were one of the best encounters in the preparation of our wedding!!

From the first to the last day everything was perfect!  Anne Sophie is there at every stage, available and reassuring.
And what can we say about the ceremony, it was a fabulous moment for us and our guests where emotion, laughter and tears mixed together…we are still talking about it!
Thank you for making this ceremony such a beautiful moment, exactly like the one we dreamed of!
A dream officiant who knows what she is doing and who knows how to surround herself with super professionals if necessary!It was magical !!!  To recommend without any hesitation!!

Lucile and Julie, May 24, 2017

Anne -Sophie, your ceremony delighted me!
It’s true that I didn’t know the concept when I approached you at the wedding fair, but through the numerous meetings and discussions we had, we got to know each other.You managed to bring two families together, the speeches were filled with emotion and we even had a surprise!
I really thank you for everything.  I hope to see you again soon.

Pauline and Kevin, July 1, 2017

Anne-Sophie is a wonderful officiant!
From the first meeting, we immediately knew that we were not mistaken in choosing it to celebrate our union.
Sparkling, dynamic, spontaneous, Anne-Sophie listens and was able to meet all our expectations without making the slightest misstep.
Our marriage would not have been the same without her.
She knew how to make this moment magical and unique thanks to personalized and fun preparation.We were also able to benefit from her talents as an organizer and decorator during the preparation of the big day and its coordination.  We highly recommend her, and Anne-Sophie Thank you again a thousand times for everything you have done for us!!!!  <3

Laetitia and Martin, May 25, 2017

How can we thank you Anne-Sophie for one of the most beautiful moments of our lives…?
There are no words strong enough to describe what we felt.
You enhanced this day thanks to the ceremony.
The guests were unanimous, your voice and your speeches transported them. You sow love around you. We couldn’t have dreamed of a better way to unite than to have you by our side. Thank you a thousand times for giving us wonderful memories by marrying us the way you did.
With all our tenderness, Manon and Laurent.

Manon and Laurent, June 24, 2017

Hi Anne-Sophie,
We hope you got home safely.
We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the magical moment you orchestrated.
You were able to guide us through the ceremony with so much ease that it seemed as if everything had been rehearsed.
Thank you for your gentleness and professionalism.

Thanks again for everything.

See you soon !

Just to thank you for this wonderful time you gave us on Saturday.
A real moment of fulfillment, a lot of emotion.
No one in the audience knew this kind of ceremony and we were won over by your simplicity, your positivity, your smile. It was very, very beautiful.
thanks again
Marine’s mother

Newly married since July 28, 2016!

We met Anne-Sophie at a wedding fair and it must be said that she was by far the only service provider we contacted after this fair!
We are of different religions and wanted to organize a secular ceremony without really knowing how to go about it.

On the internet nothing looked like us, we found all the ceremonies a little too saccharine and that was starting to worry us! We told Anne-Sophie of our fears from our first appointment and she was able to convince us to try the adventure.

This ceremony was our biggest anxiety in organizing our wedding.
I can now say that all our worries were useless!
The organization was perfect and Anne-Sophie was very reassuring for us, our speakers and our friends. As for the ceremony, it was an exceptional and timeless moment. Very moving!
It is by far the best memory of our wedding which helped create a magical ambiance and atmosphere that followed us for the rest of the evening. Most of the guests were unfamiliar with this style of ceremony and I think that we and Anne-Sophie sparked some ideas among the future bride and groom who were present. Unforgettable for us and for all the guests. Between laughter and tears, just what we needed. Thank you for this moment and thank you also for allowing us to discover our loved ones moved as we had never seen them!
Laura and Antoine.

My beautiful Anne-Sophie,

How lucky to have had you by our side to celebrate our union under this beautiful sun and in this ideal setting.
I can’t thank you enough for making this day so unforgettable.
All our guests thought you were great, and loved the secular ceremony, little known in our families.
As Mika must have told you, we were transported by your beautiful voice, we drank in your words.
You said everything, you knew how to understand us, you celebrated exactly the ceremony that we expected and even beyond, with freshness, emotion, love, naturalness… in short, you were at the top .
Thank you very much for everything, from the preparation period to which you contributed with your little surprises, until the big day with more lovely surprises 🙂
I really wish you all the happiness in the world, the 4 of you form a wonderful family and I know that we will have the opportunity to see each other again.
In the meantime, I wish you continued success in this season and many more, we can only recommend you!
We kiss you very much!
Audrey and Mika

Our BIG DAY took place on 08/25/2016 and I would recommend Anne-Sophie’s services to anyone to organize their secular ceremony! It was just PERFECT!

We wanted more than a hasty visit to the town hall but we were a little skeptical about the idea of ​​having a ceremony that was a little too “assuming” as we regularly see. Anne-Sophie knew exactly how to find the words to create the ceremony we dreamed of!

Looking back, it’s by far the best memory of my wedding… It was full of emotion with a touch of humor that really characterizes us. In short, GREAT!! When do we start again? 😀

Once again thank you for this extraordinary ceremony, you were able to understand us and bring out the best in us.
Your service was beyond our expectations. You made our desires, a dream, an unforgettable reality.

An exceptional celebrant of love for an exceptional wedding! So much laughter and emotion, we are overwhelmed!

Hello Sydney, Anne-Sophie & Yoann I’m finally taking the time to write you a little thank you email. Hard to say that it’s over after almost 2 years of preparations. But I continue to float on my little cloud looking at the photos on FB, I can’t wait now to watch the photos and videos from Soul Pics and Ping Pang Film!!! Also looking forward to reading the book that you will send us with all the questionnaires preparing for the ceremony!!!! If there’s one thing I don’t regret, it’s having chosen you (well at the same time I don’t regret anything about the wedding, we made the right choices for the service providers!!!). The ceremony was in our image: emotion and laughter.  I didn’t want to cry and you managed with the witnesses to make us cry.  FYI, Tiana never cries!!! And to my great surprise, the entire assembly cried their hearts out during the 40 minutes of the ceremony. Lots of friends told me that the emotion came like a big wave as soon as Sydney started playing.  Then they cried when they saw Tiana, and they said to themselves “shit, we’re screwed, we’re not going to stop”. And the rest of the ceremony was nothing but tears. I believe that the wedding, the thing that had the most impact on family and friends was the ceremony.  As proof, 1 word out of 3 in the guest book tells us about this ceremony.  And during the hugs, they all congratulate us “Magnificent ceremony, I cried!”  » Some told us “no but if the whole wedding is like the ceremony it won’t do it, my heart will give out, it’s not good to make us cry so much” haha. We told you that we wanted the ceremony to kick off the festivities, that at the end the guests would say “damn, that was great, the rest of the wedding will follow the same path!!!!  ”, and you succeeded!!! The tea ceremony, so that was THE moment that made everyone cry, it was their favorite moment, we were all told.  Apparently my mother would have made the boys and girls cry. Yoann, you have had nothing but compliments from family and friends, they all told us that you performed well. As for you Sydney, by listening to the first notes of the piano, you managed to make people cry, I thank you too!!!  You brought the touch of emotion and class that we wanted. And you Anne-Sophie, a huge thank you for writing the ceremony. And a big thank you for the origami and the vase, we are going to display them somewhere in the living room and thank you for your lovely gift, it means a lot to us. I am sad that the marriage is over, because you are no longer our providers… but I hope to continue to keep in touch with you.  As we told you, you are welcome at home, Paris, for some homemade Viet food A huge kiss to all three of you!!!
“…” Regarding our ceremony, know that we have always been bathing since August 28 in this caressing light on the edge of reality, in the jagged shadow of the oaks which served us both as support and as subjects, lulled by your words which carried us comfortably through our own stories… attending as witnesses as well as actors in front of our respective families and friends, in this “religiously pagan” ceremony carried by your generosity, your sincerity and your professionalism!The purpose of this paragraph is not in itself to try to fix this moment by immortalizing it in writing, but rather to thank you again, because we are aware that an important part of the “magic” of our marriage is due to this ceremony and the emotions it offered us!

Hello Sydney, Hello Anne-Sophie
After returning from our trip, we finally took the time to write down our feelings. The secular ceremony was one of the most beautiful hours of this day filled with very strong emotions and it is to Anne-Sophie and Sydney that we owe it.
They are true, generous, sensitive and very professional. They were able to carry out this moment magnificently, just as we had imagined it.
It was like a dream and I believe I experienced the most moving moment of my entire life.
Thank you, really thank you. Without you, our marriage would not have reached this level of perfection. The emotion was at its peak and we will keep it
a magical memory.
They have succeeded in transcribing our history, our values, our love through the right words and music that resembles us. 1 month after Our big day, those around us are still full of praise for this moment of intense love that you gave us.
A little advice to the future bride and groom, let yourself be carried away by the gentleness and professionalism of Anne-Sophie and Sydney and your ceremony will take place like a dream.

Good evening Anne-Sophie,
Christophe joins me in thanking you once again for this very beautiful ceremony which you carried out with great professionalism and sensitivity, everything that was said really corresponded to our personalities and our history.
All our guests were charmed and very moved, we had nothing but compliments, you managed to convey to them all the tenderness and love that we feel for each other.
Thank you for writing a new page in our fairy tale.
Thank you for your kind present.
Good continuity in your profession which you exercise with great passion.

We wanted our wedding to be wonderful, filled with emotion, unforgettable and for our love to be shared and felt by all the people who were going to experience this moment with us. We met MyCeremonie and it was obvious to us! They listen, they immediately identify the characters and the atmosphere you want during this ceremony. It was a truly magnificent moment, everything was perfect, from the laughter to the tears to the traditions, thank you to you we will never forget this ceremony…Just THANK YOU!!!!

Laetitia and Éric, June 7, 2014

Hello Elodie,
I wanted to thank you for the wedding ceremony you put together for Stéphanie and Thomas’ wedding on June 21st. We shared our emotion and our happiness together, and you knew how to orchestrate this magical moment with great sincerity and kindness.
Thank you again with all my heart.

Stéphanie and Thomas, June 21, 2014

Good evening Anne-Sophie,
in fact, I’m a little confused, it’s very difficult for me to tell you what we thought of the ceremony.
Originally, this idea came from Vanessa. She knows my passion for the church and what is said there and I was not necessarily convinced by the idea of ​​a ceremony. I wondered how someone who didn’t know us could talk about us for an hour.
Then came the day of February 22 when we met. Everything then changed, the energy, the humor and the ease with which you talked to me about Love even ultimately excited me even more than Vanes’ who was already convinced that you would be the right person.
The preparations, your questionnaire, all that allowed me to put into words the love I have for Vanes’!
Finally on the big day, when we left for the town hall, we met Christelle who seemed totally serene and smiling.
When we returned, we scrutinized the looks of our witnesses, some had big question marks on their heads, which gave me a little stress.
The music starts, our witnesses enter, I go home with my mother, Vanessa arrives.
It was at that moment that I told myself that nothing would have been the same without this ceremony. Christelle begins, I feel her as moved as we are, everyone listens to her religiously (but with a smile). The witnesses follow one another, I enjoy and delight in each of their words, I feel Christelle very worried when Loïc’s turn comes! She finally calls us to exchange rings, I am sincerely over the moon and feel no stress at the idea of ​​declaring my love for Vanessa. My wife, (since I can finally say it!) brings a tear to my face as I speak, she who is so terrified of the idea of ​​speaking in public does not tremble.
It’s finish. The witnesses come up to us to give us the roses and all tell us that they had never witnessed something so moving. That the ceremony had been perfectly orchestrated and that they felt touched by the ceremony, that it gave the guests a good mood and a smile that will never fade during the evening. Others tell me they regret not having had this idea for their union.
I told you at the start that I was very annoyed, I am because I don’t have too many words to thank you and Christelle for giving our marriage this dimension.
I sincerely hope that we will have the opportunity to have a drink together to celebrate.
I’m counting on you to pass the message on to Christelle and thank her for being so involved in her role.
I wish you lots of success in your work for which you seem made (obviously in other areas

We would particularly like to congratulate you for the quality of your performance at the wedding of Kelly and Guillaume.  Sincerely

We wanted something different that would leave a lasting impression… Grandpa and grandma didn’t understand at first!! What do you mean no church?!? During the ceremony, they fell under their spell. All my guests have wonderful memories of it (laughter, tears, cute anecdotes…and a lot of tenderness from Anne Sophie and Sydney). You are at the top ! I came across them at the wedding fair in Martigues and after 5 minutes with them it was obvious that I had to say YES in front of them!!! We have a head full of memories… A HUGE THANK YOU.

We wanted a ceremony that resembles us with a touch of emotion and laughter but above all a mixture of our two cultures you knew how to combine all these ingredients to make it an excellent ceremony thanks to you we really had what we wanted you you also touched all our guests with your sweet words.
Thank you for being there during these long months of stress
Thank you for this magical moment
Thank you from the heart
Don’t change, you’re really GREAT

I’m finally taking the time to write you a little note…. Without you our wedding would not have been as beautiful, but it was obvious from our first meeting…. Thank you for this magnificent ceremony, everyone found the ceremony magnificent, a thousand thanks again to you Anne Sophie for everything as well as to Sydney for her magnificent interpretations… Everything was perfect there are no other words than THANK YOU

How to describe MyCeremonie?
There are simply no words for how they excel in everything they do for their darling bride and groom.
We can still say without exaggeration that they are: professional, authentic, true, attentive, generous, passionate, dedicated, sparkling, talented, wonderful!
Our meeting at a wedding fair opened our eyes to the UNDENIABLE benefit of organizing your ceremony well. We do not regret having completely entrusted them with this task because they accomplished it with great success: love, emotions, laughter, tears of joy and sharing, all punctuated by Sydney’s magical fingers, this moment was magical and our guests will not soon forget it. For them, the most beautiful wedding ever experienced, for us, the most beautiful day of our lives.
A great team, they know how to grant wishes and make this moment a real success
Thanks again to them!

We wanted to Nourredine and I thank you Anne So and Sydney for this wonderful ceremony. You transported us into an unforgettable dream, this moment will remain forever engraved in our memories.
You are a team of chic and shock, of absolute sincerity. You took all our guests on a journey and we can never thank you enough for this moment spent by your side, which will forever mark our love!
thanks thanks…

A huge THANK YOU to Anne Sophie and Elodie for creating our tailor-made ceremony, it was splendid! Elodie I am so happy with your performance, you were magnificent, smiling and full of emotion. From your first words I fell for it. More than a wedding service provider, a real exchange, it was as if you were one of our loved ones. Many thanks, it was perfect and it will remain an unforgettable memory… For all the future brides and grooms who are wondering, don’t hesitate any longer, it’s essential!!

We didn’t want a classic wedding, we already had a lot of ideas about what we wanted, and in a few words, you were able to listen to us, and above all, hear us.
And it went from there.
Professionalism, attention, kindness, smile, and motivation, this is what we will remember from our exchanges.
A ceremony in our image, filled with emotion, joy and strong moments, then covered with praise, by us and by our guests, in this magical setting…
What more ??
Keep it up, and once again, THANK YOU for everything…
We will not forget!

After the ceremony, we remember, we let our hearts speak and we receive feedback from our bride and groom!!