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The secular baptism ceremony

You want to offer your wonder a baptism ceremony full of love, emotions and meaning. A real moment dedicated to the godmother and godfather and to all the symbolism of these roles. I suggest you create a “secular baptism ceremony”, a bubble of love which suspends time…
A godfather and godmother is sacred!!! They are the ones who will shower your little one with a gift, who will take him to the cinema for the first time, who will become his confidant and who will always be there for the 99 years to come… Today you don’t really have a choice, a baptism is either religious or civil… Both have drawbacks and may not correspond to the image you have of this moment!Well, I offer you a “secular baptism ceremony”! A ceremony that will celebrate one of the first stages of your baby’s life.
The baptism ceremony is for everyone.  It is a great moment of happiness, sharing and joy between friends and family.  It is an opportunity to introduce a child to the community and celebrate their arrival. This is also the time to introduce the godfather and godmother and surround them in order to prove to them the trust placed in them.The baptism ceremony complements a religious baptism or replaces it.
The baptism ceremony is completely personalized.  Each ceremony is completely different, just like your family. I write it taking into account all your wishes, your personalities, your values, your culture.  It’s a magical moment that allows you to pay tribute to your culture but also to the people who matter in your lives.
Although each ceremony is entirely different, there are highlights on which we will work together: The baptized person: their history, the highlights of their life, their journey, their values… And if the star of the day is a little princess or a little prince, we will be interested in what they represent today and what they have changed in your lives! Words from loved ones: On your advice, I am approaching your loved ones in order to prepare with them an intervention on their part.  I advise them, I guide them, I ensure that their intervention is perfect! The symbol: for each baptism ceremony, we use a symbol.  I can create a symbol especially for you, thanks to our meetings and our discussions, I will know exactly where to go. We can also use existing symbols.  For my part, I am constantly looking for new symbols so as not to offer you what is done in most cases.